Newly Admitted University Students – These Problems can kill your Academics

These problems new students face are common to university students. Starting a university life is like starting a new life altogether. When students finally gain admission, they embark on a new journey that teaches the self-reliance and self-discovery, and these help to shape their future.

Most Nigerian students don’t prepare themselves for these challenges of university, and they end up getting overwhelmed by the problem. By the time they realize, they have fallen short greatly.

If you are ready to hit the ground running as soon as you enter campus, then read below for the common problems new students face, which also you are likely to face as a university student in Nigeria.


student suffering from common problems new students face

Adjustment to New Life

Whether you are a first-time student on campus, or you just returned from a long vacation, there is always need for adjustment in the first scenario.

The first year of the university is always a delicate one, and also extra hard when it comes to adjusting to university life. So you should be expecting a culture shock because of how different things would be at the campus as compared to home. It is expected that you wouldn’t get everything right at first. You need to give yourself some time but expect to get bamboozled, but always stay confident that you would eventually come to love campus life.


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My first year at my university was ravaged with sickness since it was one of my first time of being far away from home. Back then I never knew that what I experienced was among the common problems new students face in university. Homesickness can strike really hard, but thanks to modern means of communication now. You should try and stay connected to parents and loved ones through whatever means that is convenient for you.

Pressure of studies

Most students often resume school with the zeal to come out with good grades. This often results in putting excessively undue pressure on them. This pressure goes ahead to bring the mental, physical, and emotional breakdown of the students. This is one of the problems new students face in university. Without anyone to guide them, this might result in poor grades in the long run.

Cost of Education

Most newly admitted students in university are either sponsored by parents with a low budget or self-sponsored. This has made most of them to either be deficient in resources that should help them succeed or get their attention from school diverted. In fact, this is a common problem fresher students face in public universities. The only way to go through this is to work hard in school and keep the faith.

Housing Problems

You may be lucky to get a place inside the campus or off campus, but it would be difficult to find the right student accommodation. Certain factors like distance to school, rent, facilities, and roommates need to be considered. Unless you have the financial power to get a comfortable place, housing might be a big issue for you. This is one common problem new students face in universities.

Time Management

Time management has shown to be one common problem among new students. From trying to study alone and doing your chores, maintaining a social life, and working part-time jobs to survive in school. It becomes obvious that time management becomes scarce. It results in sleeping in irregular patterns and doing every other thing under pressure.

This kind of behaviour becomes unsustainable and therefore, the need to have a timetable becomes imperative. If done right, you would be surprised to see the amount of free time you have to do other things.

Having a nice and memorable time in the university is the right of every student. So if you are facing any problem as regards finance and making money while in school, you can visit thispage on how to make money as a student in Nigeria. It would help you find several options to help you while in school.

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