Top 5 Countries with Easy Visa Procedures for Nigerian Students

This article will be looking at countries with easy visa procedure for Nigerian students. Studying abroad is one of the best things that can happen to you as an undergraduate student in Nigeria. Do you wish to study abroad, but scared of visa rejection? Fear not! This post is meant to show you the top countries with easy visa procedures, and it would guarantee you express admission.

Take a look at these five countries with easy visa procedures for international students.

You can even start with an online application.



canada is one of the countries with easy visa procedures for international students

Canada has been tagged the immigrant’s favourite destination for a number of years now. All thanks to their ever-growing economy which has opened enough doors for immigrants to enter the country as skilled labourers.

Canada attracts thousands of students on yearly basis due to its great universities, reasonable cost of living, beautiful landscape, high post-graduate salaries, and the ease of visa processing. According to the “Canadian Immigration Website” the process allows you to gain entrance into a Canadian university, where you proceed to obtain your study permit – which is renewable for the length of your study period.

There is an option of “work and study”, which gears you towards obtaining your Canadian citizenship after study duration. Another gain is “You can bring your family members along”



Germany is one the countries with easy post graduate visa

This is one of the countries with easy visa procedures. To make it easier for international students, the tuition and fees at public universities were abolished. This means that you get to study at no tuition cost. Germany also boasts of a relatively low cost of living. Once accepted into any German university, the international studies office is always at your aid. Also, once your documents are valid, and your visa application is complete, the German study visa becomes so easy.

Good Tip: For those interested in learning the German language in Germany, the visa is valid for about Two Years. Viel Gluck!


Ireland offers simple easy visa processes for international students

Ireland boasts to be one of the finest and richest countries in Europe. It boasts of a beautiful landscape and many other surprises. The application process to any Ireland university is one of the simplest to obtain. Why? Because the processes are handled online

You need just a proof of acceptance into an Irish university, in addition to some paperwork. The international offices of most Irish universities are always available to guide international students. With an Irish study visa, you are entitled to work part-time.


New Zealand

New-Zealand is one of the countries that offer easy admission process for students

New Zealand popularly called the home of the Kiwis is a bordering country close to Australia. The country known for its beauty and hospitality offers you a wide range of opportunities. To apply for a kiwi visa is one of the easiest processes that could happen anywhere. For Nigerian students, you are expected to get accepted first by a university before starting up your admission process. The application process follows the exact model of the Australian visa, but yet simpler. If you need help along the way, your university of choice is always ready to guide you through the visa process.


Singapore offers world-class universities with the language of study in English. It boasts of a sparkling metropolitan lifestyle and straightforward immigration procedures. The experience for international students is Top Notch. International students only apply for student’s pass which can be done through the Singapore’s Immigration and Checkpoints Authority. Students have to apply for the Student’s pass online application and registration system.

Singapore is one of those countries with easy visa procedures for international students. For more information on how to apply, you can check out their government site

These 5 countries with easy visa procedures offer a student a great opportunity to explore their country, and in most cases, they offer a good number of postgraduate visa stay after studies.

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