These are the Top 5 Lucrative Engineering Courses in Nigeria Currently

Several times I have heard intending undergraduates ask about the lucrative Engineering courses in Nigeria. The truth is there is no specific answer to this question. There are several factors that are put in place, before you term a course lucrative or not.

  • Nature of Organization
  • Entry Level position
  • State of operation

You can’t compare an Electrical Engineer working for a firm in Lagos to a counterpart in the same position in other parts of the country.

But for the sake of clarity, I will be listing some of the top Engineering courses with a high employment rate that is also lucrative.

Lucrative Engineering Courses

Electrical/Electronic Engineering (EEE)

This is topping the list not because of my love for the course, but because of the job versatility of any Electrical/Electronics Engineer. The curriculum of the EEE course in Nigeria is so versatile, and the options it offers its graduates are limitless. This is indeed one of the lucrative Engineering courses and alsotop science courses with high employment opportunities in Nigeria.

The average EEE graduate is well endowed in the following niches;

  1. Computer Engineering
  2. Telecommunications (which also includes networking Engineering)
  3. Power
  4. Instrumentation
  5. Control systems.

Am Electrical/Electronics Engineer

The above niches are sellable in Nigeria, and there is growing demand for EEE graduates in Nigeria. Networking firms are springing up rapidly, and EEE graduates who also have certifications in Networking (CCNA, MCSA, N+) are hot in demand and low in supply.

Computer Engineering

The world is going digital and graduates of this field are enjoying the waves. From creating logic systems to other complex algorithms, computer Engineering is enjoying its found fame as a very lucrative Engineering course to consider in Nigeria.

Graduates of computer Engineering have several job prospects to seek out for. They can work in any organization as an

  1. I.T Support Engineer
  2. ICT personnel
  3. Network Engineer

I.T Executives, and to other several complex job roles Depending on where you find yourself, you can always fit it. It has also several entrepreneurial prospects for its graduates. This is indeed a lucrative field to consider in the world of Engineering.

Food Science and Technology (FST)

This isn’t a major Engineering course, but it is being counted as one in several Nigerian institutions. You may be surprised to see it on my list; but of recent, it has become one of the most lucrative Engineering courses currently in Nigeria. Due to the expansion of the agricultural sector, FST graduates are open to lots of opportunities. It is quite similar to agricultural Engineering but performs its own unique function. You can possibly check out thejob functions of a Food Science and Technology Student

Agricultural Engineering (AE)

This growing but less populated Engineering course in Nigeria has become a major hit in the job market today. Unlike FST, it focuses more on production than processing. Agricultural Engineering graduates are becoming high in demand. Governmental policies favour this one lucrative Engineering course. Agricultural Engineering students have lots of unexplored options to look out for. It ranges from research institutes in the country, to agricultural firms all over the countries, to research Engineers in major firms all over the world.

Funny enough, most Agricultural Engineers seem to have more luck getting jobs abroad than within the country.

Mechanical Engineering

mechanical lucrative Engineering course in Nigeria

A Mechanical Engineer

The relevance of mechanical Engineers in Nigeria seems to be on the decline. Nigeria doesn’t seem to be a manufacturing country again, which has forced graduates in the above field seeking for jobs in other sectors. This course was once a lucrative Engineering course, but due to the current economic situation, it is no longer top of the list.

Other notable mentions like

  • Aeronautic Engineering
  • Telecommunications Engineering
  • Materials and Metallurgical Engineering

All of the above courses can also be considered but at your discretion. If you think you have any lucrative Engineering course I failed to mention please use the comment section and inform me.

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