36 Fast Ways To Make Money As a Student in Nigeria

How to make money as a Nigerian student.

Have you been thinking about how to make money as a Nigerian student in any university or other higher institutions in Nigeria? Always wanted to make a passive income as a student on campus without affecting your studies? Today, we will be sharing with you over 30 great business ideas for students in Nigeria.

I sponsored myself while in school, and I am willing to show you how to make money as a Nigerian student. When you make money as a Nigerian student in the school, it will help lessen the burden on their sponsors, and most importantly help the students keep savings. We have also discussed how to save money for those with small allowances. Be sure to always check back here for the exciting article.

We will guide you through your stay at the university, so don’t fail to bookmark this site and always visit for interesting articles.

Back to the topic, aside from applying forscholarshipsand grants;

how to make money as a Nigerian student

Below are the ways to make money as a Nigerian student

  • Photography

This is one of the fastest ways to make money as a Nigerian student. Students love to take photographs especially the newbies. There is also an almost constant demand for passport photographs in many higher institutions in Nigeria. The photography business is a very profitable one and all you basically need is a digital camera, no matter how small it is, to get started. You can even sell beautifully captured random pictures of places and events online.

  • Graphic Design

If you are very good with Coreldraw, Photoshop or other graphic design software, this is a big business opportunity for you as there are always activities/events on campuses which require posters and fliers for promotion. Your work will speak for you and you will continue to get clients from far and near.
You can also be contracted to design yearbooks and basically anything that require great designs. It is possible to earn so much from Fiverr and make money as a Nigerian student from graphics design. I will soon expose and tutor you guys on it. So keep in touch.

  • Online Registrations

If you have a laptop with internet access, you can assist fellow students with online registrations (Scholarship applications, School fees payment, admission regularization, course registration etc.) and charge a token for the services. This is quite lucrative especially at the beginning of semesters and when there are prospective/new students on campus.

  • Printing

Students do a lot of printing work. You can start up this business by getting any of the cheap DeskJet printers whose inks can easily be refilled without completely changing the cartridge. You can start this up in any students’ hostel and from your room, that way you won’t have to pay for any space. All you need is disciplined and cooperative roommates.
If you have the time, you can also typeset students projects and assignments at your own rates.

  • Organizing Tutorial Classes

If you are good in any particular course or courses, you can start a tutoring business targetting your junior colleagues especially fresher students in your department/faculty. You may choose to hold the classes on weekends only and charge per class attended. You can also hold this tutorial classes for secondary school students in your area.
In addition, you may solve past questions papers and sell to students who are always eager to buy great materials.

  • Home Tutoring

You can hold private classes for secondary school students/staff kids. Parents in the university community and its environs value education a lot and are always willing to pay a good teacher who could properly coach their wards on subjects of interest at home. Private classes are usually billed on an hourly basis. You just have to work out a timetable that will be suitable for you and your client.
You can also record video of you teaching various topics and sell to the students.

  • Do Assignments for Lazy Students on Campus

Believe it or not, there are students on campus that are so lazy they are willing to pay any amount of money for their assignments to be done for them. You can take advantage of this and make cool cash while also learning new things. Double win for you!
However, you don’t have to be doing much of what is outside your discipline no matter how intelligent you are as you will spend much time on researching new materials which could affect your studies.

  • Laundry Services

Students on campuses love to look good, but mostly feel tired to do their laundry. If you are diligent and hardworking, you can make good money from this. It just takes doing the laundry for few of your friends and they will keep bringing others to you.
You can hire a trusted local resident to assist you when the workload becomes much.

  • House Cleaning and Painting

Students moving into new apartments sometimes require help with cleaning and painting of the new place. You can offer these services and make money doing them. If you are also good with special wall pattern designs using paints, it will be an added advantage as students who can afford it and love to live in beautiful looking apartments will surely pay for it.

  • Real Estate/House Agent

If you are very conversant with your locality, you can use your spare time to search for accommodation for fellow students, especially freshers in the school environment. You can make money here via commissions/agent fees.

  • Fitness Instructor

If you are the type that is enthusiastic about bodybuilding, you can become a Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer while still doing your regular workouts. You can make good money from this as many young people love to look good and fit. Being a bodybuilder yourself, you will always attract people that wish to look like you. If you have up to 20 persons requiring your service, you could be making N2000 to N4000 each time you go to the gym while charging N100 to N200 per session of training.
You don’t even have to own a standard gym to do this, you can just negotiate with a gym owner or just arrange a makeshift gym with irons joined together in your area.
Don’t forget to always follow safety precautions.

  • Event Planner

If you know your onions about event planning, you can make cool money from this as you will always be called upon by departments and organizations looking to organize memorable events.

  • Music DJ services

If you have the passion for music, you can download any music DJ application on your laptop, learn how to use it and you are in business. There is always demand for DJs for the almost regular parties and events in school.

  • MC / Comedian

If you can make people laugh and can also speak eloquently, just learn the rudiments of being a Master of Ceremony via the internet and you are good to go. Just like DJs, MCs are always requested for in events. Your first successful hosting of an event may be at a friend’s birthday party, is enough to get you referrals.

  • Modelling

This is one opportunity that does not require much from you other than to show up for photo shoots to promote particular brands and get paid. However, this is an industry that has been so bastardized lately. Many people have been exploited and taken advantage of in the process of trying to be a model. We advise you “shine your eyes” or find something else.

  • Search for on-campus Jobs

Periodically, there are part-time job openings for students on campus. For instance, some school libraries offer and opportunities for “shelve keepers” – their job is to go to the library every evening and re-arrange accordingly the books used earlier in the day by students in the library. There are also opportunities forStudents Journalists. In the Records departments, students are periodically employed to help sort old students records. Even the security department can have jobs forStudent Informants.
You just need to have few staff friends to inform you whenever such opportunities come up.

  • Search for After School hours Jobs

If you can manage your time very well, you can apply for jobs at places that require you working only in the evenings when you must have finished your daily activities in school. E.g. Bar, Car wash etc.

  • Driving School Services

If you have access to a car, you can teach people how to drive with it and make cool cash from that. Doing this will be the perfect way to make money as a Nigerian student.

  • Branding Services

You can design Customised T-shirts, wristbands, mufflers and other trendy fashionable wears for Classes, Departments, Faculties, Associations, group of friends etc. If you can’t personally do the branding, find someone who can and strike a deal with them, then act as a contractor/middleman. Be sure to always deliver what you promised and at the agreed time. Reputation is everything in business. With a good reputation, you get loyal clients and new referred ones.

  • Production of Soaps and Disinfectants

Especially for Home Economics students, they can apply practical knowledge of what they learn in school to make money. They can make and sell liquid, powdered or bar soaps. They can also make and sell disinfectants, air fresheners, perfumes, body lotions etc.

  • Baking/Pastries Making

Again for home economics and dietetics students, they can make cakes, buns, doughnuts, Fish/Meat pie, even popcorn.
They can also make Yoghurt/Ice cream, Juice drinks, Zobo, Soya Milk, Custard powders etc. and sell to fellow students in the hostels from their room or supply to canteens and stores in their vicinity. The products can also be sold at event venues especially on Saturdays and even within Church premises on Sundays.

  • Catering Services

If you are skilled in cooking various dishes, you can offer catering services to event organizers in your area. With the frequent events/celebrations on campuses, there is surely a market for you.

  • Poultry Business

Especially for Agric students, with the so much time you spend on practicals in the school farm and elsewhere, you could set up a small poultry farm or any other Agricultural business nearby and attend to it while you attend to your academic work. If you can manage your time well, this could be a gold mine for you.

  • Cable Tv installation and Maintenance

Almost everyone now enjoys cable television but very few persons know how to make little adjustments or maintenance on it. There is surely a big market here and the good news is it doesn’t take much to learn and costs next to nothing to start up.

  • Phone/Computer Repairs/maintenance

Though complete/full-time repairs could take your time, simple software maintenance/upgrades and application installs could fetch you quick money.

  • Recharge Card Business

It is a fact that people with mobile phones cannot live without airtime on their device. Recharge cards are arguably the fastest selling commodity, outside food and drinks, in Nigeria.
If you live in an area where people have to walk a distance to get recharge cards, you can make money by buying in bricks/bulk and reselling to them.
You can even venture into recharge card printing business and make better profits reselling to retailers elsewhere.

  • Learn a Craft

Here are things you can learn how to do that can fetch you good money while in school.
Hairdressing, Facial makeup, Jewellery making with beads, bags and shoes making with beautiful Ankara materials etc. If you have interest in any skill set at all, just learn it and it could fetch you money. The internet has made most things easier. Google and Youtube will be a great resource for your learning.

  • Sell your Skill

Whatever skill set you have can be a source of income for you. Whether you can play Musical Instruments or you are good at artistic drawing or you are a great writer etc. You just have to market yourself.
You can as well sell your services online on sites like Fiverr, Olx etc. (The lesson for Fiverr is coming soon)


  • Business Centre Management

Running business centres like Food canteen, Provision store, Computer services centre, Beauty/Barbing saloon, Cooking gas refill centre etc. can be a great source of income.
Note that running a full-time business centre will definitely distract you from studies unless you get a trustworthy person who could manage the place effectively while you are away.

  • Selling of Wears

Students on campus love to look trendy and therefore buy clothes, foot wears, handbags, jewelries, and other body accessories quite often.
If you could get these wears in bulk at a reduced price from big suppliers, you will surely make much money from the trade.

  • Selling Used Products

You can sell your fairly used and no-longer-needed properties and make money from it. You can also help people sell their used properties and make money in the form of commission. Students love to buy cheap things and also sell things quickly when they need quick cash. If you are the type that keeps a lot of friends, you can make money by finding out what they are willing to buy and what they are willing to sell at any time. Make yourself their go-to-guy for any merchandise, and you will have a constant cash flow.
You can also do the buying and selling online via classified sites like Olx, Jiji etc.

  • Find out what People around you want and sell it to them.

You can sell virtually anything on campus and make money. However, you have to find out students’ most important wants. This has to be things they can’t do without but probably have to go out of campus to get them. Things like books (major medical, engineering, economics textbooks etc.), Suits for law students in schools where it is the uniform, Electronic gadgets, fashion items etc.
All you have to do is negotiate better prices with major suppliers of the products, then bring it to the student’s doorsteps and you are in business.

  • Online Affiliate Marketing

This involves you promoting other people’s (or company’s) products and earning a commission for each sale that you make. You mustn’t even have a website to do this, you can make use of social media.
For those of you with thousands of virtual friends on Facebook whose, only benefit to you is the likes you get on your photos that make you feel “important”, you can actually sell things to your large number of followers and make money which will make a real positive impact in your life.
Please, do not venture into Ponzi schemes! More on affiliate marketing in a future post.

  • Offline Marketing

Apply for marketing staff positions at companies offering such opportunity. Apply to the ones that will allow you work at your free time. This is one of the easiest ways to make money as a Nigerian student. Some of them will give you their products which you will sell, take your commission and return the remaining proceeds to the company. Beverage companies especially, employ undergraduates to these positions. You just have to keep your ears on the ground or reach out to major product distributors in a nearby market to know when these opportunities come up.


  • Bulk SMS Services

Many groups, organization, fellowship and departmental associations etc. regularly need to stay in touch with their members. You can offer to send bulk SMS to their members for a fee. You can also own a bulk SMS website where users can send SMS messages by themselves while you charge them subscription fees.

  • Web Design/Development

You can learn how to build websites or blogs and make money offering the service.
There is a market for you both on the campus and beyond. To make money as a Nigerian student using this skill, you must have to learn it first of all. There are several IT schools that will teach you for a small amount. You can reach out to departments, student associations, fellowships groups etc. and offer your services to them.

  • Blogging

Last but not the list, Blogging. You must have heard about blogging and how lucrative it can be. You must have also heard about bloggers like Linda Ikeji and the millions she is making from her blog.
It is actually no longer that very easy to make money from blogging, but with the right guide, you too can tap from the ever-evolving blogging gold mine. Our next post will be on blogging and how you can successfully make money through it.

So there you have it, but the list is not exhaustive, there is much more other money making opportunities for students. Just find opportunities around you, and take advantage of it. Find a problem in your locality and provide a solution.


To make money as a Nigerian student isn’t all that difficult. While in school, I sponsored my self for two years without the help of my parents. With these tips, you see that it becomes easy for you to make money as a Nigerian student.

I have written about Fiverr and how to start up yours. I will send it to you for free. You can indicate interest by subscribing below.

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