Top Best Science Courses with High Employment Opportunities

I will list out the 10 best science courses with high employment opportunities. These courses might be looking familiar, but I will attach possible employment opportunities for those who end up studying it.

Are you a student looking for science courses with high employment opportunities? I guess this post would help you make a decision faster. In case you think studying abroad might be a good option, there areseveral schools you can study such courses abroad


Science courses with high employment opportunities


Computer Science

This is the father of all other science courses. The world is going digital, and computer scientists are making it bigger and bigger. Computer science is certainly one of the science courses with high employment opportunities. This is because the future of the world rests on the shoulders of students who specialize in several aspects of computer science.

computer science is one of the science courses with high employment opportunities

A computer scientist

Specialties like Software, Programming, Hardware, Networking, and students who go as far as studying Artificial intelligence, have positioned themselves excellently for the future.

Computer Science Graduates have the opportunity to work in virtually all firms who rely on technology for their day to day activities. The duration of study for computer science is about 4 years max.


Electrical/Electronic Engineers

As the world revolves around energy, so is the demand for Electrical/Electronic Engineers. It has been established that a few years from now, the future of cars in the world would revolve around Electricity. This will be a big boost to all Electrical/Electronic Engineers in the world.

science courses with high employment opportunities

An electrical engineer

Every production country depends heavily on electricity to survive, and Nigeria is no exception.

Electrical/Electronic Graduates have the opportunity to work in several production factories and can even work freelance when the mega job isn’t coming forth. Duration of study is about 5 years in Major universities in the country.


Example of science courses with high employment opportunities

A medical doctor

The diseases circulating around the world are becoming more complex, with new disease and viruses springing up. The needs of doctors who are well grounded in their field are becoming a priority.

Doctors are becoming short in numbers currently in the world, leaving a huge gap between demand and supply of doctors. Nigerian doctors now even have the opportunity to work in foreign countries due to the shortage of doctors in the world.

Depending on your specialization, a doctor has the opportunity to work in any Health Establishment. Duration of study can span to about 7 to 8 years.


This calibre of people works together with doctors to draw up medical solutions. In a complex world filled with strange diseases, the world depends on pharmacists to dig out cures for rampaging diseases in the world today. Qualified pharmacists are so high in demand, this has led to countries poaching pharmacists from other countries.

pharmacist has good employment chances

A Pharmacist

Pharmacists can work in any health establishment setup, as well as set up their own business with ease. They can as well become medical consultants. It is studied for about 5 years in major universities across the country


With the vision of the government to improve housing condition in the country, Architects are in the sole position to make a great living out of this vision. Nigeria is seen as lacking in the real estate sector, and the need to spring up more houses has become a priority.

An Architect

Architects are those who draft out and design the plan out a house. The recent surges in building projects have made Architecture a very lucrative course in the current. It is mostly studied for 6 years in major universities across the country.

Agricultural Engineering

Agriculture is touted as the next big gold mine in the country. Agricultural companies have always been declaring profit in a recessed country. This goes to show how lucrative the sector is. Agricultural graduates are becoming scarce, and the qualified ones are making a good living from their profession.

Agricultural Engineering is one of those courses with high employment chances

The Agricultural sector is booming once again, and it goes to show how much value would be placed on graduates of Agricultural Engineering.


Computer Engineering

According to Wikipedia, Computer Engineering as a discipline is one that integrates some field of electrical engineering and computer science, with the aim to develop a computer hardware and software. This field isn’t only to know how computer systems work, but also to integrate them into a larger picture.

Computer Engineering is one of the science courses with high good job prospect

A computer Engineer

Every establishment makes use of complex systems for their operations; this also has given rise to a sharp increase in the demand for computer engineering students. This demand as predicted would last for a while, as technology advances.

Graduates of Computer Engineering are becoming sort after, and it is one of the highest paying courses in the country today. The duration for Computer Engineering studies spans for a period of 5 years.

Other Notable mention includes;



Mechanical Engineering

Food Science and Technology

Now you have seen the best science courses with high employment, which of the above courses would you go for? Till we meet again, you can subscribe to more articles like this to your inbox.



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