Funny Ways To Pass Exams in Nigeria

[corner-ad id=1]Are you looking for how to pass exams in Nigeria? On a lighter note, I assume you have you failed so well in your institution and you are now searching for ways to pass examinations without much stress? Relax a bit because you have finally seen help.

I have compiled this post out of experience, and I believe that those who have passed through the same educational system would vouch and second this post. To be frank with you, to pass exams in Nigerian institutions isn’t much of a big deal at all. The question is, “do you know the secrets attached to it?”

This article might sound funny, but trust me; it holds the secret to passing exams without stress in several institutions in the country. Let’s analyze the popular ways to pass exams in Nigerian institutions.

students looking for ways to pass exams in Nigeria

Learn to Cram perfectly

It is no longer news that most Nigerian lecturers are very lazy to set exams from scratch. As much as that, they have resorted to copying past questions and rearranging it for future exams. Cramming is one of the skills every student needs to have. (I have listed all the skills you need here). Learning how to cram is no big deal, it depends on if you are willing to learn it. You should also bear in mind that cramming robs you of your intellectual prowess; and as such, it shouldn’t be abused.

Research has shown that good crammers in tertiary institutions always come out with excellent results. I believe you now know why. As long as you give the lecturer what he has in his handout or textbook, many Nigerian lecturers will be happy to give you an “A”.

Keep Buying Textbooks and Handouts

Back then at school, one of the ways to avoid an “F” in several subjects was to buy the textbooks of the lecturers lecturing those courses. The moment you buy a textbook, you’ve already scored a grade “C”. All you need is just read a little for your exam, and success will chase you down your pants.

Become a Course Representative

To see a Course Rep who failed a course is very rare, and in most cases, impossible. I don’t know why it happens, but I know it is real. So if you want to increase your chances of graduating with a very high grade in school, you can either choose you to become a Course Rep, or you move a step higher by becoming the Class Rep. This is in fact, one of the easiest ways to pass exams in Nigeria.

Become Friends with Lecturers

This might sound very weird, but trust me that it works. To pass exams in Nigeria, you should try out this method. For the ladies, just make sure you are beautiful and have the assets you need. For the guys, make sure you keep spending for the lecturer. But be sure not to present your gifts as a bribe. You can bring it in form of a “Thanks so much” gift. This method worked well for me, and the result was something to write home about.


Become a Money Bag

If you really wish to pass exams in Nigeria, and then you should become the money bag for this category of people.

  • Brilliant Students: They will love you so much that they will all wish to help you just for a meal ticket. They will handle your assignments for you, copy your notes for you, and might even be tempted to write exams for you. As long as the money keeps flowing, they are always at your service. In fact, for brilliant students, this isone of the ways to save money at school if you have a small allowance
  • Lecturers: It may not apply to all lecturers in your institution, but I doubt so now due to the nature of the economy. As long as you can keep giving them money as appreciation for teaching you, they will even go to the extent of helping you in every way. Remember, this isn’t sorting, but it is called “Friendly appreciation”.

Now you’ve known the funny ways to pass exams in Nigeria, I wouldn’t still advice you to follow any of the above-listed methods. It is better you read and pass your exams the normal way if you intend to have a wonderful future waiting for you.

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