How To Save Money at School – Nigerian Students with Small Allowance

I will show you the methods to save money at school without stress, even if you have a small allowance. It is time to stretch your monthly allowance further with these money saving tips, specially designed for Nigerian students with a small allowance. Every student wants more money, but the money doesn’t seem to last.

boy who failed to save money at school is in debt

I used these money saving tips to save money at school while I studied in Nigeria, and the result was that I always had money just before the semester closed. I knew I ran a small budget because my monthly allowance was nothing to write home about. Despite that, I still had more than enough to spare.

You are wondering how I did it. I will show you right away;

Below is my recommended way to save money at school for any Nigerian student with a small monthly allowance.

Money Saving Tip #1 – Take-up Ushering Jobs Every Saturdays

What are you doing at home or in your hostel every Saturday? Wouldn’t you want some free cash coupled with some free food and drinks?

This is the number 1 way to save money at school that should be in the mind of every Nigerian Student with a small budget. Coupled with the fact that it doesn’t come with much hard work – except the insults that come along, it is something any student can just do.

Find any catering agency register with them, and start getting invitations to work every Saturday.

“How does earning and saving money sounds to you? Thank me later”

Money Saving Tip #2 – Utilize Free Occasions

This tip is for Nigerian students who live away from their comfort zone or family houses. If something would cause your monthly allowance to vanish into thin air, it would be food.

As a young person, eating well is imperative. But how can you achieve that without breaking the bank? You should try and utilize the ideas of gate-crashing occasions just to fill up your belly.

Money Saving Tip #3 – Utilize Your Skills

I know this guy back then at school, who would always fix our laptops and phones for a good price. During the weekend, he would end up taking us out for drinks. We all thought he was so generous; till we discovered we were drinking away our own cash.

I don’t know the skill you have, but some of the relevant skills an ambitious student can have are;

  • Phone repair
  • Web Designing
  • Graphics Designing
  • CompTIA A+ (Hardware Engineering)
  • Typing Skills… etc.

Putting any of the above skill to use will make you save your money, while you spend the one you earn.

Money Saving Tip #4 – Make friends with the Rich Kids

They once tagged me a gold-digger back then at school. I never cared, as long as my host wasn’t complaining.

You can’t be broke and hang around broke friends; it doesn’t show ambition. The first stage of being successful is your ability to spot resources. I am not asking you to lick the ass of anybody; you have to bring something to the table.

If you are intelligent, you can help them with assignments, quiz and other little things, and watch them spend for you – money spent (from someone), your needs met.

Just in case your search for a rich kid was futile, take a look at my money saving tip number 5.

Money Saving Tip #5 – Have a Budget and Stick to It

Having a budget is surely the escape route of going broke before the month runs out. It not only keeps you spending in check, it sends a reminder down to your subconscious.

I understand the urge to buy anything that seems attractive, but being broke isn’t cool at all. You can use an excel sheet and draw out your budget before the month starts.

Money Saving Tip #6 – Avoid Gambling

Every student wants quick and easy money. But if you sit and calculate the amount you spend a year visiting betting shops, you would be amazed and also ashamed of yourself.

The fastest way to going broke is gambling and investing in Ponzi schemes. No matter the tactics you employ while gambling, you would rarely see the profitable side of it.

Quit gambling, unless you own the betting company!

In conclusion…

These funny ways to save money at school for Nigerian students with small budget seems funny, but if utilized properly, you would see the positive side of it. Till next time we meet, keep saving and earning.

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