8 skills every student needs to survive Campus

8 skills every student needs to survive Campus

Over time you will realize that there are certain skills every student needs to survive university campus in Nigeria. Without these skills, you might end up struggling till you learn it the hard way. I suggest you devote time to mastering these skills just before you head to campus.

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How do you combine your lectures and a part-time job? Or to create a side hustle while still in school? What about getting to pass exams even without attending class? Finally, how do you get to enjoy yourself like others even with a small monthly allowance?

Nobody will teach you all these, either you learn right now or you learn from experience.

I have compiled a list of necessary skills every student needs to have if you must survive in the campus. In case I miss any point, feel free to add up yours.


8 survival skills every student needs in university


is cramming good or bad for a student?

Imagine you show up in school just a few days to exams after a lengthy period outside the school. How do you get to tag along and still make good grades?

I wouldn’t advise you go into the exam hall feeling so blank, or asking how an equation was derived. You should know what you need to write, the rest will sort itself out at the appropriate time.

Cramming is a skill that needs to be mastered and utilized properly. As a young undergraduate, I used it so well and ended up with a very high second class result.

The only negative aspect of it is that; immediately after the purpose of cramming is passed, you forget everything you crammed.


Asking for Help


This covers all aspect of your student life. After skipping classes and you need someone to teach you all has been taught?

Reaching out to a friend to borrow you some money for Friday nights out? Or selling fake stories to your parents to get an extra allowance. All in all, you need all those white lies to get what you want without stress.


Endurance skills

If there is a skill you would need, it should be endurance skills.

Have you ever imagined standing up and receiving a lecture for 2-hrs just because you want to sign an attendance register?

Or line up the in bank for 5-hrs just to pay your school fees? Or even worse, fight in the long line just to run your clearance before an exam?

hustling students

You would surely need endurance skills in any Nigerian institution you find yourself.



The fear of going broke between the first and second week of every month should make you learn this. Every expense should be written down on paper and tabulated. This will help you limit your spending. You will discover that you can save and make money with small monthly allowances

skills-every-student-needs to budget properly

Living together with difficult people

This is one of the major skills that students should have if you intend to have a good stay in school. Especially those who would be staying in the school hostel, you either learn it or you are in for a long thing with roommates.

skills-every-student-needs to live together with people


Entrepreneurial Skills

You should learn how to look out for money making opportunities as a student and utilize it. By selling recharge cards, cooking for other students for a fee, doing laundry for other and collecting money, writing assignments, typing projects, and many other opportunities.

You have to figure out which one would suit you better and do it!

skills-every-student-needs to make money

Toasting Skills

The last but not the least skill that helps you survive the cold nights the in the campus. When the weather gets cold and others are busy, would you be found wanting?

Weather for two isn’t really you and your pillow! I guess you know what I mean?

toasting a girl is one of the skills-every-student-needs

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