5 Study-Abroad Lies you should not believe again

There are so many study-abroad lies that are being circulated everywhere just to deceive gullible students into wasting their hard earned money. I just concluded my studies in one of “poorest” European countries in the world, and it was hell on earth. I was so engrossed with the prospect of a better life that I forgot to make my research, and the end result was wastage of money.

In this article, I will aim at exposing many study-abroad lies that are being told, especially by study abroad agents, whose aims are just to deceive gullible students. Make sure you share this article to warn those who might want to make the exact mistake I made.

What are those study-abroad lies? See them below;

study abroad lies


You can study and work in any country abroad

Lies!!! Not all country supports the work and study option. It is quite true that quite a number of countries allow that, but it doesn’t cut across all of them. Some countries don’t allow you work, except during holidays.

Some countries don’t even have jobs for their citizens, talk-less of you a foreigner. Therefore, before you make a switch to any country, take time to make in-depth research about the job situation of that economy.

A friend recently finished from a university in North Cyprus, and he was always depending on the allowance sent from home. He was cajoled into believing that jobs were in abundance, only for him to be slapped by reality when he got on board.

Popular Countries like;





North Cyprus


Turkey, don’t allow you combine your studies with a job, except during holidays.


You can work and finance yourself when you study abroad

This is one of the most popular study-abroad lies being told. Remember that as an international student, you are entitled to work for just 20 hours in most countries (unless you want to venture into illegality). But following the rules, it is practically impossible in expensive countries like Canada, UK, USA, Australia, and New-Zealand, Singapore.

Remember you have expenses to offset, alongside your tuition fees, so would you be able to raise about $30,000 with 20 Hours of work and working full-time during holidays?


I would Gain Work Permit after Schooling

A work permit isn’t issued to any student immediately after school. This is a clear study abroad lies that agents tell their clients just to earn commissions. Germany, which is one of the most liberal countries, gives just about 18 months of post-study visa. If you can’t secure a reasonable employment within that period, you would be sent back to your country of origin.

Other countries like the UK, Russia, Ukraine, and many others would give you just a few months to get yourself together and leave the country.


Any Foreign Certification is useful back home

This is one of the “study-abroad” lies. There are lots of unaccredited schools in several countries abroad. These schools entice students with low school fees. They have lots of agents at their disposal and pay huge commissions to motivate the agents to send more students to them. After your graduation in such an institution, you should just consider your certificate a waste.

It is advisable you run a comprehensive check should be carried out, before paying tuition to the school. Just like we have unaccredited schools back home here in the country, there are lots of them abroad too.

You must use an agent to process your study abroad admission and visa

This isn’t true all that true. Several countries have made their admission processing a little digital. It is important you start up the application process and end it yourself. The school would carry on from there to help you secure your visa. Agents are only useful for countries that have strict visa rules, as the agents already have solutions to possible problems to be faced.

It requires a huge amount of money to hire an agent. To avoid the issue of agents, I have listed some countries with easy visa procedures for students. Those countries are faster and have easy visa procedures.

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