Facts About Studying in Poland – For International Students

To study in Poland as a Nigerian is quite easy. Poland is a European country situated in Central Europe, boarded by Germany. In the north, it is boarded by the Baltic sea, in the north-east by Russia and Lithuania, in the east by Belarus and Ukraine, and from the west, we have Czech and Slovakia. The country has a diverse climate as its landscape, which can range from 30 c in the summer to about -6 c during winter in some parts of the country. Poland has an estimated population of about 38 million, and 1.9 million of these populations are students from worldwide.

The word Poland might mean cold or cold meals. But for increasing number of students around the world, Poland means an attractive, affordable option for studying abroad especially for Nigerian students.

study in Poland as a Nigerian

Tuition Fees

Polish university tuition fees are generally lower as compared to other studies abroad destinations. Tuition fees are rarely above 2000 Euros per annum. To enable you to study in Poland as a Nigerian student, it means cheaper money for you. This is considerably low and bigger in saving when comparing to other countries around Europe. Warsaw is a cheap place to live and study. For Nigerian students, you have the option to work and study during school, and also you can work full time during breaks. This is also approved by the polish immigration.

Student Life

Higher education in Poland is taken seriously and sincerely, so students in Poland often have a lot to study for while in school. The sequence of education in Poland means that students will get specialization in one subject area, but will also be gaining general education too. Over there in Poland, universities offer more than one subjects for its students. The nightlife in Poland is fierce with lots of activities for the cold nights in Poland. Students are provided accommodation by the university, but they can also opt for personal accommodation outside the campus.

How to Apply

Students who wish to study in Poland as a Nigerian should ensure that they meet the entry requirement for each course (Management, Nursing, Engineering, and Medicine.) they’d love to apply to. The easiest way to apply for a polish visa is to consult a study abroad consultant who will equip you with necessary documents to process your visa. Due to the bad image exhibited by Nigerians, the Polish embassy has made the visa rules very strict for Nigerian students going to study in Poland. The necessary documents needed in processing your student’s visa are;

In order to be eligible for a Poland student visa you must have the following supporting documents and requirements;

  1. A valid International passport; whose expiry date is six months longer than that of the visa, requested with a minimum of three (3) consecutive empty pages.You can process your international passport at your nearest immigration office.
  2. Copy of passport data page and previous visas;
  3. A Visa fee ofN20,400in cash payable at the Polish embassy
  4. 2 passport-type photographs (en face, colour, white background, no glasses, no hats)
  5. Travel medical insurance valid for the entire period of intended stay plus at least 2 days; valid for all Schengen countries; minimum coverage€30,000.
  6. Flight reservation (roundtrip)
  7. Copy of Polish university’s admission conditional and final acceptance letter
  8. All documents required by the institution during university admission’s application such as school transcripts, certificates, birth certificates, etc
  9. Confirmation of payment of fees to the Polish university or institute
  • Documents for legalization, this includes original and photocopies of legalized birth records, school certificates and academic records (Bachelor degree, WAEC, etc) used for obtaining your admission to the polish university or institute from the Ministry of Education, Foreign Affairs and the Polish embassy. Documents legalization fee isN10,200per page. Clickherefor more information on Legalization of documents;
  1. Hotel reservation or proof of another accommodation; for applicants planning to stay with family or friends or being sponsored by Polish/EU citizens in any other way, an invitation registered with appropriate Polish authorities(Urzad Wojewodzki)is required;
  2. Documents regarding applicant’s sufficient means of subsistence during intended stay, such as: introduction letter from employer with employer’s consent for travel; salary pay slips; proof of business ownership; personal/business bank account statements (6 Months); proof of income generated by property; letter from sponsor and documents regarding sponsor’s financial situation;
  3. Documents regarding applicants’ family situation (marriage/birth certificates)
  4. Minors travelling alone or with one parent – additional documents;
  • Letter of consent from parent(s)/legal guardian(s) done in the presence of a Notary Public and super legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Birth certificate of the minor
  • National ID card/passport of parent(s) or legal guardian(s)

Poland Student Visa Application Process

The Polish Embassy in Abuja is responsible for processing visa applications from nationals and legal residents of Nigeria. The Polish study visa application process takes a duration of 14 working days.

Poland Embassy In Nigeria
10 River Niger,
Off Danube Street,
Email abuja.secretary@msz.gov.pl
Phone +234-8052-000204, +234-8076-631021 (source)

After Graduation

After studying in Poland for Nigerians, the post-study progression is very easy and simple. If you decide to stay back in Poland after graduation, you are allowed to get your stay card extended. If anyone is interested in science and Tech, it is good news because major firms like Microsoft, Intel, GGlaxoSmithKline and Google are setting up their bases in Poland soonest.

For those who wish to study in Poland as Nigerians, it is a welcome development for the rich European country with lots of potentials.


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